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We make great shirts and other products for pet fanatics, and we ship worldwide!

OUR PRODUCTS aren't sitting on a shelf collecting dust and getting stale. At DogShirtStore.com, you order and then we make it to the size and color you want, assuring you of the freshest shirts and products possible. That means that it can take up to three weeks to ship your products. If you need your items faster, we do offer "Greyhound Shipping"

    • Oh, and we also do custom stuff, so if you see a shirt or design we don't offer in your breed, order it anyway and then tell us your breed. We'll add it to our collection (that's how we add many of our designs).

Great Greyhound Logo T-Shirt Great Greyhound Logo T-Shirt

DogShirtStore is proud to be the official shirt provider for GREAT Greyhounds (www.great-greyhound.org). A portion of the sale of this shirt goes to support their rescue efforts.

Our Price: $18.95
Greyhound Owned by T-Shirt Greyhound Owned by T-Shirt

Who owns whom? If you're owned by a greyhound (or several) this tee's for you. Select singular (Owned by A Greyhound) or plural (Owned by Greyhounds).

Our Price: $18.95
Acti-Labs Lifestyle Black T-Shirt & Zipper Hoodie Acti-Labs Lifestyle Black T-Shirt or Zipper Hoodie - price varies with options

Let everyone know you want to share what Acti-Labs is all about with this awesome design!  Black, 100% cotton tee or 50/50 blend 8 oz. zipper hoodie with White design.

Our Price: $18.95
Music The Bass Man T-Shirt Music The Bass Man T-Shirt

The bassist may just be the most under-appreciated musician.  Show your love of base lines with this great design!

Our Price: $18.95
Schnauzer Fear the Beard Natural Ears T-Shirt Schnauzer Fear the Beard Natural Ears T-Shirt

Yeah, you better "Fear the Beard"! These wonderful pups have it all: Good looks, personality plus, loyalty, lots of vocalizations, and they are eager to learn (they just love and excel at sports like flyball and agility)!

Our Price: $18.95
Team Radiance Flag White Team Radiance Flag White

Exclusively for Team Radiance members. White only. Available in Unisex and Ladies crew neck short sleeve, Unisex long sleeve.

Our Price: $12.95